What is a Borzy Box????



An abundance of fresh, mainly homegrown produce that you get for only $12! Each week we will have 5-6 types of produce that we've chosen that are included in the "box". We don't tell you ahead of time what the selection is - not to be a pain, but because often times we don't know exactly until Monday (after the sign-up has ended) what will be in it. And, if we run out of something - then we are able to make substitutions. The best part - you actually get to CHOOSE the produce you want.  We lay it out for you - so you can pick the exact tomato, ear of corn, or melon! 


Each Friday we will post the link on our Facebook page. There is a limit of 2 boxes per person. The sign up remains open until Sunday 6 pm. (At which point I compile the list of names). Pick up for the Borzy Box is available the Tuesday (12-6) and Wednesday (10-2) following the sign-up.


We call it a "Borzy Box" -well because it's "catchy".  You actually have to bring your own container - bags/box/tote (I've even seen laundry baskets) to take home all your goodies.


There is no weekly "commitment" - you sign up each week you want a box.

The produce is not inferior or "seconds" it is simply what we have in abundance at the given time. There will be repetition weekly as some crops are only available for a short time.

We are produce farmers - not fruit growers (except for melons). We try to include seasonal fruit when we can, but obviously if we have to buy it (as opposed to grow it) - it is quite costly and therefore we don't always include fruit - unless we can get a great deal!

The picture is not necessarily what is in the box - they are pictures of past Borzy Boxes to give you an idea.