Wienke's Sweet Products

Door County canned goods made without preservatives or additives.  Homemade taste "just like Grandma's".  Wienke's Market takes care of your homemade taste in your busy schedule.  Reminisce the days of Grandma's pantry with shelves filled with fresh packed pickles and jams.  Rekindle those memories by making your pantry a Wienke's Market pantry. 


Wienke's Applesauce - $7.00 Each
Original Applesauce
Cherry Applesauce
Wienke's Cherries in Juice - $11.00 Each
Pitted Cherries w/Sugar
Pitted Cherries wo/Sugar
Wienke's Pie Filling - $12.00 Each
Cherry Pie Filling 
Cherry Raspberry Pie Filling
Apple Pie Filling
Wienke's Maple Syrup - $9.00 Each